Location confirmed 2010!

Quotidian Plays will once again be at Northminster Church in Reisterstown, Maryland.

Northminster Presbyterian Church

705 Main Street, Reisterstown, MD 21136-2501 — Next to Hannah More Park

The performance will be on Saturday, July 24 at 7 pm — Free admission!

Ch-ch-check it out!

New website as part of the OSA server:


2010 Date!

Quotidian Plays 2010 will be held from Friday July 23 to Saturday July 24.  More information forthcoming!!!

Possible Dates *Revised*

Some changes to the possible dates for Quotidian Plays 2010….

—Took out the Thurs-Fri in June, added one in late June & one in mid July.

—To all my knowledge, these all work with BCPS schedule, Burke wedding, GAP’s Wizard of Oz, OSA’s Freedom Play Fest, Carroll Arts Center’s play (well, almost), NASC’s Love Labour’s Lost, venture crew trip to Philmont, Franklin trip to the British Isles. WOOSH!  Still trying hard to find info on Reisterstown Theatre Project or Liberty Showcase Theatre with no success.

The revised possible dates are below.

  • Friday June 18 to Saturday June 19
  • Friday June 25 to Saturday June 26
  • Friday July 16 to Saturday July 17
  • Friday July 23 to Saturday July 24
  • Friday July 30 to Saturday July 31

If you did not comment the previous post, PLEASE say ALL the dates you ARE available for.  And the role you would like to take on- playwright, actor, director, techie/designer/generally awesome person who wears black… Also any volunteers to be producers are greatly appreciated.  PLEASE reply to this post in the near future- I’d really love to have a basic idea of the date by April 14.


We are now on YouTube!

Thanks to the wonderful Missy Martinez, Quotidian Plays now has a YouTube, complete with videos of our play festival this past summer!  Right now, there are videos of the rehearsals of Hippies Use the Back Door, Apples and Angels, Kazoo, and Mama Let Me Be An Interpretive Dancer… soon, there will be more.

So go!  Now!  Enjoy watching sweaty actors and crazy directors!                   Quotidian Plays YouTube Channel

Please subscribe to the channel!  Thanks!

Decisions, Decisions…

Okay, let’s get down to business.  Below are the possible dates, made to not conflict with the Carroll Arts Center, Open Space Arts, or Glyndon Area Players summer shows… The time is upon us! Please respond to this (it is very simple, I promise) with all the dates you are available this summer and your preferred role in Quotidian Plays.  You can be an actor, director, playwright, or techie/designer/helpful person that makes the world go work; pick one, you cannot be two in a period of 24 hours.

  • Thursday June 17 to Friday June 18
  • Friday June 18 to Saturday June 19
  • Friday July 23 to Saturday July 24
  • Friday July 30 to Saturday July 31

So… write all the dates you are available for and what you would like to do (playwright, director, actor, techie/designer).  Make sure your name is somewhere on your comment.  If you cannot post for some reason, please email your information to quotidianplays@gmail.com.   Reply by April 14 if possible so we can start figuring out a date and location.

Remember you can always subscribe to this blog, follow us on Twitter, or become a fan on facebook!! See the right sidebar for links.  Thanks everyone!

Tentative DAY OF Schedule

630 pm Meet at Hannah More
645 Draw themes from a hat
7 START Begin writing scripts
7 am Scripts due
730 Directors, stage manager, pertinent others arrive- choose scripts, compilate
745 Actors arrive
8 Group rehearsals
11 Order food
1130 Get lunch, everyone help set up performance space, photo call 1 (of rehearsal, *directors, *actors, *each play)
1145 Eat, free time
1230 Tech run #1
130 Free time, set speed making, photo call 2 (of set making, *techies, *production team)
2 Group rehearsals
3 Tech run #2
4 Free time, group rehearsals if needed
445 Prepare for dress run
5 Dress run
6 Set up house, clean up area, final group rehearsals, photo call 3 (of area pre show, final costumes, *playwrights)
645 Prepare for curtain, warm-up
7 END Curtain, begin show
730 Intermission
8 End of show
830 Everything cleaned up

Scheduling Conflicts

Please list any scheduling conflicts on here!!!

Already noted:
Franklin High British Isles Trip June 20-30, give/take 10 days either way
Carroll Arts Center High School Play July 5-16
Venture Crew 980 Philmont Trip June 29-July 12
Open Space Arts “Freedom” Playwrights’ Festival Beginning of August
Glyndon/Sacred Heart Area Players Summer Musical End of August

If anyone knows about dates for Reisterstown Theatre Project or Liberty Showcase Theatre, that would be all kinds of awesome.

Welcome to the new website!

As of water main break-maggedon of March 2010, the website for Quotidian Plays is up and running!  On the right sidebar, you can find the contact email address and phone number as well as past photos and a handy dandy link to the homepage.  Farther down, you can see large enthusiastic letters urging you to take a poll to help decide the date of this year’s Quotidian Plays.  As there is no way to track who voted, this will only be used as a general tool to determine availability- it will not decide the final date!  This tool may be used more in the future to make decisions for the (rather indecisive) producers.

Thanks for reading everyone!!! Hopefully Quotidian will occur once again this summer and be an even bigger success!!

(For more information on The Lost Boys and Quotidian Plays, please press the link under “ABOUT US” at the top of the right sidebar.)

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